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    go look at the mirror and say 5 positive things about yourself. I dare you

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    My dad just asked me if I ever heard of “no meat athlete” and I said yes I bought the book and he was like so I guess it can be done I just need you to make sure you’re eating enough calories


    I’m finally making progress with this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A little Friday message to all those in recovery today :)

    this is my favorite for so many reasons

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  6. I have binged last night and again this morning. I feel like I am slipping and it is awful. I feel distant. And I still want to eat. I feel disgusting and huge and I want this to end. Called my old dietician to make an appointment. Going to the gym after class with my best friend. Making plans for tonight because I will NOT let this disorder win. No no no no. Someone also please keep me accountable for eating later once I get hungry because the thoughts to restrict are killing me right now


  7. Doing my chemistry and just ate soooooooosososososo much. Feeling guilty as he’ll but also I got some chemistry done! Fuck stress eating and anorexia voices


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    im aiming for the “shes a badass and cute as hell but I wouldn’t touch her without asking” look

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